What is a liquid cooled PC?

Computer motherboard with cooling

All computers regardless of the make or brand have a cooling system. Even if it’s a pc or laptop they always come with a cooling system.

Computers heat up during operation and need to be cooled to avoid any breakage of the machine.

Are Traditional Systems Enough

Traditionally computers have been using fans to cool their systems and it works well but the problem is the fans tend to break very fast and are replaced each and every time.

With the introduction of liquid cooled pc represents a personal milestone in computer- building life . One of the key benefit of using a liquid cooling setup is that it allows you to cool specific components to a greater degree than to use a fun.

The liquid cooling pc targets specific component in a pc to be cooled than the traditional which cools the whole system.

Why Cooled Is Better

The liquid cooled pc is really awesome in terms of noise output, water cooling is much quieter than stuffing your case full fans which produce enormous noise and it lessens the pc lifespan due to the shaking of pc components like your best gaming motherboard.

With liquid cooling pc you are guaranteed of more lifespan of your pc.

Space is another important aspect of a liquid cooling pc. Liquid cooling requires much less space, and it looks a lot easy to boot.

The fact that liquid filled tubes surround the casing with different colors its actually kind a cool. Unlike the traditional fan which is a huge heat sink model and performs well enough but it occupies large space in the casing.

The liquid cooled pc work in a similar manner to car engines. A car engine always generates heat in form of a byproduct of burning fuel. Computers components, on other end always generate heat , as the byproduct of moving electron around.

A computer microchip are full of transistors which are electric switches and the more they move they produce heat which need to be cooled off if not the chip will spoil due to too much heat.

Water has a higher thermal conductivity than air that’s a fact tested. Water can conduct more heat than air. Water can conduct more heat before the water heats up.

This is basically why manufacturers are shifting to water cooling system:

  • The electronic components are producing more heat than air can actually absorb and it leads to low life span of computers.
  • Fans are very noisy and use a lot of electricity to cool the system and they make the pc weak when the fans are rotating.

The best part with a liquid cooling system is that you use the normal water, although it is recommended to use distilled water to avoid corrosion.

Special additives can add color to the fluid to make it look cool but you should know the additive to use. The additives also lower the freezing point or the surface tension of the water, making it an effective coolant.

Lastly it is important to switch off the machine before putting the distilled water so as to look for any leaking tubes.


Since it is a new technology the liquid cooled pc are expensive to buy they range from a whopping $360. But they are worth it.