How to select the perfect gaming monitor

Multimedia MarketingIt does not really matter whether you are a very solid and hard core PC gamer or a tough after hours-fighter.

What matters the most and creates the line between victory and defeat is the hardware. In order to get the most advantage , fun and benefit out of the various fast paced games , sports , racing , first-person shooting experiences one not only needs a gaming PC with powerful and potent graphics but even a PC gaming monitor is vital.

The PC gaming monitor should be one that does not subject the user to blurred, disrupted images, flicker or even tearing.

One needs to consider a lot of things while buying a gaming PC in order to have a smooth, enjoyable and a very immersive gaming experience.

Size of the PC Gaming Monitor

The size of the PC gaming monitor is very important. One cannot have a small size of the gaming monitor. A higher pixel count will ensure sharp images however, in order to enjoy the latest games one needs to have potent graphics.

For a room, a 27 inch screen would be a great choice with a maximum resolution of 1920 by 1080.

Resolution and Pixels 

Resolutions is basically the number of pixels which are present on the screen. There are three types of resolutions.

These three resolutions are FHD, 2k and 4k. One should not have a gaming PC with a low resolution.

That’s way a 4k is ideal because it is cheap, gives very clear and bright images at a reasonable cost.

Refresh Rate 

Refresh Rate is actually the number of times a computer can change an image on the screen. The faster a screen changes, it will be better because then one can experience more real time gaming experience.

While buying a gaming PC, one should purchasing one which has a slow refresh rate.

Response Time 

Response Time is basically the time, the PC takes to output a given input signal on the screen.

In the PC gaming world, the monitors which have a response time of 5ms are considered good. Therefore while buying a gaming PC, make sure that it does not have a response time of less than 5ms.

Panel Type 

Inside the gaming monitor, there is a panel present which creates the colors of all the images that one sees on the screens. There are basically two types of panels TN and IPS panels.

While considering TN panels do not chose those which have limited viewing angles, lower contrast ratios and colors which are not vivid and bright.

While choosing IPS panels, one should not choose which are expensive, which have lower refresh rates and those which have lower response times.

Warranty and Pay Back Guarantee 

Having a warranty or a pay back guarantee is very important.

While buying a gaming monitor, do not buy the PC gaming monitor which does not have a warranty for a certain time period.


All in all , the above mentioned guide lines will surely ensure you to buy the best possible gaming PC.