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What is a liquid cooled PC?

Computer motherboard with cooling

All computers regardless of the make or brand have a cooling system. Even if it’s a pc or laptop they always come with a cooling system.

Computers heat up during operation and need to be cooled to avoid any breakage of the machine.

Are Traditional Systems Enough

Traditionally computers have been using fans to cool their systems and it works well but the problem is the fans tend to break very fast and are replaced each and every time.

With the introduction of liquid cooled pc represents a personal milestone in computer- building life . One of the key benefit of using a liquid cooling setup is that it allows you to cool specific components to a greater degree than to use a fun.

The liquid cooling pc targets specific component in a pc to be cooled than the traditional which cools the whole system.

Why Cooled Is Better

The liquid cooled pc is really awesome in terms of noise output, water cooling is much quieter than stuffing your case full fans which produce enormous noise and it lessens the pc lifespan due to the shaking of pc components like your best gaming motherboard.

With liquid cooling pc you are guaranteed of more lifespan of your pc.

Space is another important aspect of a liquid cooling pc. Liquid cooling requires much less space, and it looks a lot easy to boot.

The fact that liquid filled tubes surround the casing with different colors its actually kind a cool. Unlike the traditional fan which is a huge heat sink model and performs well enough but it occupies large space in the casing.

The liquid cooled pc work in a similar manner to car engines. A car engine always generates heat in form of a byproduct of burning fuel. Computers components, on other end always generate heat , as the byproduct of moving electron around.

A computer microchip are full of transistors which are electric switches and the more they move they produce heat which need to be cooled off if not the chip will spoil due to too much heat.

Water has a higher thermal conductivity than air that’s a fact tested. Water can conduct more heat than air. Water can conduct more heat before the water heats up.

This is basically why manufacturers are shifting to water cooling system:

  • The electronic components are producing more heat than air can actually absorb and it leads to low life span of computers.
  • Fans are very noisy and use a lot of electricity to cool the system and they make the pc weak when the fans are rotating.

The best part with a liquid cooling system is that you use the normal water, although it is recommended to use distilled water to avoid corrosion.

Special additives can add color to the fluid to make it look cool but you should know the additive to use. The additives also lower the freezing point or the surface tension of the water, making it an effective coolant.

Lastly it is important to switch off the machine before putting the distilled water so as to look for any leaking tubes.


Since it is a new technology the liquid cooled pc are expensive to buy they range from a whopping $360. But they are worth it.

5 Rules To Choosing A Gaming Motherboard

Little workers repairing motherboard. Technology concept

When choosing a PC gaming motherboard you’ll have to consider some things, for example, compatibility, ( your CPU, RAM ,and casing), the quality and dependability, cost, and ensuring that it has all the particular components that you require now and possibly later on down the track.

 What to look for when choosing a PC gaming motherboard


  1. Check CPU Compatibility

In the first place, there are different sorts of motherboards available on the market that you can get.

There are Intel based motherboards which are just perfect with Intel CPUs, and after that, you have the AMD motherboards.

Choose the one that is compatible with your machines per manufacturer’s manual


  1. Check RAM Compatibility

Just like when your choosing the best motherboards you additionally need to check the compatibility with your RAM. There are 3 things to consider here:


  • RAM Type – You’ve fundamentally got two options with regards to RAM. You’ll either get DDR3 which the last a bit longer, or you’ll get the later and marginally speedier DDR4. A motherboard will just bolster either, so in the event that you purchase DDR4 RAM, you can just pick a DDR4 motherboard.


  • RAM Speed – As well as ensuring your motherboard underpins your sort of RAM, you should likewise watch that it bolsters the particular space of your RAM. So if you purchase a RAM stay with a velocity of 2133 MHz, check the motherboard specs that it underpins 2133 MHz RAM.


  • RAM Capacity – It’s additionally ideal to know the highest capacity of memory your board can tackle, particularly in case you’re building a compelling execution system with a ton of memory. This shouldn’t be an issue for most developers however as you’ll never draw near to the greatest sum


  1. Motherboard Size (structure factor)

Motherboards come in various sizes, actually known as structural factors. You should know about this to make certain you pick a case that is reasonable for your motherboard.


  1. Networking Needs

Each cutting edge motherboard will accompany LAN (wired satellite web) bolster so you don’t have to stress over that. Be that as it may, few motherboards, and regularly just the more costly top of the line sheets, will accompany worked in remote ( WiFi) support.

So on the event that you need remote backing in your new gaming desktop, you have two options.

Pick a motherboard that has WiFi, or basically, purchase an extra remote connector.

Connectors come with either a PCI or PCI-E card that will fit into an extra PCI/PCI-E space on your motherboard, or you have the alternative of getting a USB dongle connector. Either will work fine and dandy.


  1. SLI and CrossFire Support

In case you will set up a double design card setup with either NVidia SLI or AMD CrossFire innovation then your motherboard should bolster this.

Basically, check the specs to affirm. In case you’re accomplishing more than 2 way SLI/CrossFire, for example, 3 or 4 way, then you’ll need to examine support for that too.


With regards to choosing a PC gaming motherboard, you unquestionably need to stick to trusted motherboard makers, for example, Asus, Gigabyte, AsRock and MSI.

Brand name does make a difference with regards to gaming equipment.


How to select the perfect gaming monitor

Multimedia MarketingIt does not really matter whether you are a very solid and hard core PC gamer or a tough after hours-fighter.

What matters the most and creates the line between victory and defeat is the hardware. In order to get the most advantage , fun and benefit out of the various fast paced games , sports , racing , first-person shooting experiences one not only needs a gaming PC with powerful and potent graphics but even a PC gaming monitor is vital.

The PC gaming monitor should be one that does not subject the user to blurred, disrupted images, flicker or even tearing.

One needs to consider a lot of things while buying a gaming PC in order to have a smooth, enjoyable and a very immersive gaming experience.

Size of the PC Gaming Monitor

The size of the PC gaming monitor is very important. One cannot have a small size of the gaming monitor. A higher pixel count will ensure sharp images however, in order to enjoy the latest games one needs to have potent graphics.

For a room, a 27 inch screen would be a great choice with a maximum resolution of 1920 by 1080.

Resolution and Pixels 

Resolutions is basically the number of pixels which are present on the screen. There are three types of resolutions.

These three resolutions are FHD, 2k and 4k. One should not have a gaming PC with a low resolution.

That’s way a 4k is ideal because it is cheap, gives very clear and bright images at a reasonable cost.

Refresh Rate 

Refresh Rate is actually the number of times a computer can change an image on the screen. The faster a screen changes, it will be better because then one can experience more real time gaming experience.

While buying a gaming PC, one should purchasing one which has a slow refresh rate.

Response Time 

Response Time is basically the time, the PC takes to output a given input signal on the screen.

In the PC gaming world, the monitors which have a response time of 5ms are considered good. Therefore while buying a gaming PC, make sure that it does not have a response time of less than 5ms.

Panel Type 

Inside the gaming monitor, there is a panel present which creates the colors of all the images that one sees on the screens. There are basically two types of panels TN and IPS panels.

While considering TN panels do not chose those which have limited viewing angles, lower contrast ratios and colors which are not vivid and bright.

While choosing IPS panels, one should not choose which are expensive, which have lower refresh rates and those which have lower response times.

Warranty and Pay Back Guarantee 

Having a warranty or a pay back guarantee is very important.

While buying a gaming monitor, do not buy the PC gaming monitor which does not have a warranty for a certain time period.


All in all , the above mentioned guide lines will surely ensure you to buy the best possible gaming PC.